Job Managment Process

Pre Production Phase

  1. Preliminary Meeting
    1. Homeowner objectives, visions and desires
    2. Our credentials, references, and examples of our work
  2. Design Review
    1. Plans - Your architect or our architect, but we need plans!
    2. Scope of Work - explicit detail of what is part of the project
    3. Specifications - detailed specs for all items in scope of work
    4. Budgetary Parameters - Do you have a preconceived budget that you are trying to stay within or do you want to know what everything will cost?
  3. Selection of Two Storey Building as your Project Building Partner
    1. The Contract:
      1. Design Phase Contract
      2. Construction Phase Contract
    2. Standard Operating Procedures
    3. Payment Schedule
  4. Project Estimating
    1. Preliminary estimate
      1. Ballpark estimate - guess based on experience
      2. Builder's 1st take off on estimate
      3. Allowances
    2. Final estimate - after bids on final plans & selections
      1. Fixed Price or Negotiated Bid estimate - Builder's risk
      2. Time and Material estimate - actual cost plus builder's mark-up for overhead and profit
  5. Project Scheduling
  6. Subcontractor Selection and Scheduling
  7. Project Preparation Guidelines
    1. Setting Realistic Expectations - renovation work is messy and disruptive
    2. Work Areas and Non Work Areas
    3. Work schedule - usually 7:00-3:30, Monday thru Friday
    4. Impact on landscaping, location of dumpster, toilet and trailer
    5. Company signage
    6. Homeowner responsibilities
      1. Clean out work areas
      2. Make sure homeowner's insurance coverage is raised to cover cost of renovations
      3. Possibility of lead paint and asbestos in older houses (pre 1978)

Production Phase

  1. Bi-weekly Project Meetings
    1. Review status
    2. Review issues
    3. Review schedule
    4. Review change orders
    5. Progress payment
  2. Meeting Notes - written update of meeting discussion # Materials Selections - sign off for all items not explicit on plans 
  3. Subcontractor Oversight - Subcontractor meetings
  4. Clean Up - Daily and at project end
  5. Inspections

Post Production Phase

  1. Punch List walk through and follow up schedule
  2. Project clean up: Removal of materials, trailers, dumpsters, toilet, signage
  3. Final permit approvals
  4. Final payment
  5. Homeowner's manual
  6. Explanation of our warranty
  7. Follow up and Customer Survey: Consent to be a reference and allow pictures of project on our website and marketing

75% of our new work comes from referrals and repeat business and we pay a referral bonus for each!