We love to build!

Our story begins

Brothers Doug and Bill Storey are the partners of Two Storey Building. We created Two Storey Building because we love to build. Custom homes, additions, interior and exterior renovations, kitchen and basement remodeling, garages, decks, sunrooms- you name it, we’ve done it. We both have been building our whole lives. We have decades of experience in the building trade. In 2001, we decided to start our own construction business to make best use of our talents best and to pursue our dream of managing our own business.




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Our mission

We have a simple mission - to create quality custom built construction that exceeds the expectations of our clients and that can be delivered in a reasonable timeframe and on budget.

We love creative projects. We love a challenge. We thrive on managing all aspects of a building project and have the vision to pull it all together to a quality finished product. We’d like to put our building and project management skills to work for you.

A partnership between the builder and the homeowner yields a successful project.

We believe a true partnership between the builder and the homeowner yields the most successful project. The best project is one that is born of a cooperative relationship between the owner and the builder based on trust, honesty, integrity and clearly defined expectations. If we start with that as a base, we are sure that Two Storey Building can deliver on your expectations and help you achieve your long-held dream.

Meet our team

Our team is comprised of talented designers, architects, craftsmen, carpenters, and project managers. Our commitment to our clients and projects stems from our desire to give you the custom home, addition, remodel, or space of your dreams. Come meet the people who will be working on your next project.


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The Two Storey Building commitment to you!

  • We will demonstrate our honesty, our passion and our integrity every day
  • We will work in a partnership with you based on mutual trust and respect
  • We want to help you to achieve your dream
  • We enjoy the creative aspects of building and are always open-minded
  • We will respect your home, your family and your time

  • We will strive to give you the information you need to make informed choices for how to best allocate your project budget
  • We will provide professional management to your project using our well-defined system based on the tenants of communication, predictability, and competence
  • Our work will be of the highest craftsmanship and the finished product will demonstrate its value
  • You will be surprised how hard we will work to earn your satisfaction and your good reference for our future work!

Working together in a true parternship

Everyone has a few simple expectations for their building project - quality craftsmanship, professional management, creative flexibility, and doing it all at a reasonable price.
Why is it often so hard for homeowners to find a builder who can deliver on these expectations?

If you hire Two Storey Building for a project, we will work with you in a true partnership towards your goals and will work as your building partner to understand your needs, concerns and expectations.

At Two Storey Building, we use our superior project management background to proactively deliver on these expectations. We are constantly looking for great locations for our custom homes. We leverage the latest technology in our field to manage our business, to provide timely and accurate estimates and to develop a comprehensive plan for managing your project. An estimate written on a notepad won’t do in today’s fast paced ever-changing world.

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We have relationships with a multitude of subcontractors in every building field.

We will only work with reliable, quality conscious professionals with whom we share a mutual respect. As a result, we are able move quickly to solicit and receive bids and then select the best supplier for a given project who will deliver quality craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

We know a building project is often a creative expression of a long-held dream.

We understand that offering flexibility and vision along with our professional management is the best way for Two Storey Building to deliver on that dream.

We are a professional building contractor.

We demonstrate our professionalism in the way we manage our business and our relationship with you. We only work with subcontractors who will do the same. We are fully licensed and insured. We always follow the state and local building codes. We won't cut corners and risk the quality of you project to try to save money.

We do however work with many building suppliers and competitively bid projects in order to receive the best possible pricing. We are extremely safety conscious and will take all necessary precautions to insure that we run a safe job site and minimize the risk of injury for anyone on the site. We are also very environmentally concerned.

We try for a minimal disruption of any job site and cut as few trees as possible. At the end of the job we try to return the site to its natural state. You will see that we recycle all possible building materials and keep a very clean job site. Whenever necessary we will have a dumpster on site to facilitate these goals.

Learn more about us

Check out our videos to learn more about our history, approach to relationships, the design/build process and why we may be right for you.

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Our approach to project management

At Two Storey Building we strive to manage each project professionally and predictably so that we take much of the anxiety out of the process for you. We understand that once we have clear direction from you on what you want to accomplish in your project, the most important factor thereafter is consistent daily communication on the status of your project.

Eager to start your project with us?