By Doug Storey on October 24, 2016

Building an Accessory Apartment

We recently built a new 768 square foot in-law apartment with every amenity that a small home would have. It included a full kitchen, a full bathroom with a custom shower, a living room, a comfortable bedroom with a walk in closet, an entry area with closets and a covered front door and it really is one of the nicest simple but functional homes we have ever built.   Also it is an energy efficent home and will have very low energy costs.

It really is a wonderful "not so big house".



The homeowners are a retired couple moving in next door to their son and daughter in law, so they can help out with the care of their new grandchild.  What a great family story.

The house has a tile shower, tile floor inthe bathroom, granite counters, custom cabinets, a ducted high efficiency HVAC system, hardwood floors, a tankless on demand hot water heater and a conditioned attic with much room to store whatever they need.


Let's face it many of the baby boomer generation (of which I am one ) have now decided to downsize and for good reason.  Why not have a brand new custom home that is a little smaller, but every bit a luxurious and funcational as you need.

We are in the design phase of two more of these homes right now.  It certainly is a trend.  And quite frankly these are fun to build, focusing on the details, the systems and the energy efficiency and not on the size.

We look forward to building more of these in the years to come.

Published by Doug Storey October 24, 2016