By Doug Storey on October 19, 2012


First and foremost, Two Storey Building is a custom builder of fine projects, but we also offer the option to have both design and construction of your project managed through a single source in our Design/Build structure.   We have many customers who have taken advantage of this structure and feel is the most productive way to approach their project. 

In fact, we also handle the design process for more than half of our customers.  This really seems to be the way of the future. 

We constantly hear about architectural plans being developed that have no connection to the budget for the project.  We hear about lengthy time consuming multiple bid scenarios.  We even have customers ask us to redo their plans because what was produced doesn't represent the project scope that was requested nor can it be built for the desired budget.

We work with our strategic architectural partner, Steven Baczek Architect, to provide a better service.  We work seamlessly as a team.  You hire one company, Two Storey Building, and we do the rest for you including the full scope of design services and construction of your project. 

The bid difference is that the process is fully intergrated and the builder and architect are working as a team, based on our years of experience doing this for other customers.  We listen to you and understand the parameters you set for the scope of work and the budget.  we tell you what can or cannot be done right up front and then we get to work on the plans for your project.

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First, we meet you in your home and listen to your needs and your concerns and will design to meet your desires and your budget.  We explain how design/build works in general and provide customer references, testimonials and a Design/Build contract. 

Next, once you’ve decided to hire us for Design/Build, we provide a three step process including project conceptualizing and schematic design, detailed plan and specification development, and construction.  In the Design phase you pay an hourly rate for the design development and any expenses.  In most cases, this totals several thousand dollars, but this is dependent on the size, complexity and scope of the project.

The advantages to the customer are many including: 

  • Single source responsibility for design and construction
  • Quality control - The plans are always buildable and will be done the way we need them and the way our subcontractors and the building inspector will need them.
  • Cost control – we learn your budget up front and design with that in mind.  We provide the final estimate after all the design is done so it is very accurate.  We become the keeper of your budget and won’t exceed it without your authorization.
  • Expeditied delivery time – there are many efficiencies built into the system and we are able to start permitting and specification development sooner which allows the whole project to get moving more quickly. 

Listen to this testimonial from one of our recent customers:

"We started with a solid vision and concept, and found that the design/build creative process allowed us to achieve that vision, consider its implications, and make it real. After several meetings and planning sessions with Steve the architect and Doug the builder, to lay out and conceptualize the many important details of the finished space, we ended up with exactly what we wanted and envisioned.  I don't think we would have ended up with as nice a finished space and as close to our original ideas without the design/build process." Tom and Susan Oblak

Please let us know if you’d like to meet to discuss the Design/Build process further or to talk to one of our previous Design/Build customers to find out how they feel the process worked for them.  Contact Doug Storey at 617-438-0313 or


Published by Doug Storey October 19, 2012