By Doug Storey on May 10, 2011

Building and Remodeling Resources - Part 2

Doug Storey, owner and managing partner of Two Storey Building

I started to think the other day how many different sources of information I use on a daily and weekly basis to continue to learn how to best serve the needs of my customers and continue my never ending education in the building world.  It really is mind boggeling.  I thought it might be usefull to others so I decided try to jot it down in a blog.

Old world printed resources:

  1. The Boston Globe - daily, good source of real estate and housing industry general information, "Handyman on Call" on Sunday
  2. Remodeling and qualified Remodeler Magazines
  3. Journal of Light Construction
  4. Fine Home Building
  5. Builder and Professional Builder Magazines
  6. Custom Home and Residential Design Build Magazines
  7. This Old House
  8. Design New England, Boston design, New England Home
  9. Boston Home

Websites and Online Resources:

  1. - Excellent industry synopsis each day by Leah Thayer 
  2. - The expert in the new EPA RRP law
  3. - National Association of Home Builders
  4. - Builder's Association of Greater Boston
  5. - Industry expert Michael Stone offers advice and lots of useful information
  6. Cost vs. Value Report - of common remodeling projects -
  7. Harvard's Joint Center For Housing Studies - Leading indicator of remodeling activity (LIRA):
  8. - where we have a profile and show projects


Green Building and Energy Efficiency Information:

  1. - Also publisher of environmental Building News and the green spec Directory - Alex Wilson
  3. - great newletter and real scientific analysis of building problems and solutions
  4. - including the information on Federal Tax Credits:
  5. - LEED
  6. - Northeast Sustainable Energy Association

Building and Energy Codes:

  1. - Building Code and BBRS
  2. - Energy Codes, Lead Paint and much more
  3. - International Code Council
  4. - Conflict of Interest Law

Social Media:

  1. Linked In - Construction Business Owner's Group - among many others, link @ Doug Storey
  2. Facebook - friend and follow us @ Two Storey Building!
  3. Twitter - follow me @destorey!

Websites for sharing photos and other info:

  4. and

My favorite building suppliers websites:


Of course I could go on and on but these are all great resources.  I hope they are of help to others. 

As always, feel free to drop a line and ask for my feedback on anything I have listed here.


Published by Doug Storey May 10, 2011