By Doug Storey on December 01, 2014

What Makes Two Storey Building Different From Other Contractors

We're very different from other contractors.  We really are.

We're professionals, which frankly, many contractors aren't.  We have been a company for 15 years and plan to be around for a long time.  We are professionally licensed and will always pull the building permits (if a contractor ask you to pull the permit that is a red flag that they are not licensed.....).  We carry the appropriate levels of liability and workman's compensation insurance.  We pay all of our taxes and our employees work for us full time.  They are not independent contractors.  We believe in regular ongoing training and make sure we all are up to date on the many facets of our building trade.

We are a full service design/builder.  We produce plans for your project and then we build it.  There is tremendous efficiency and quality control from having the knowledgeable builder involved in the design as well.  We handle every aspect of the project from design to specifications to permitting to construction to finish to follow up six months and a year or more later.

We offer ideas and suggestions to creatively build great homes.  We are not passive.  We don't hesitate to share.  We think most customers will appreciate the input from our years of experience.

We build custom homes and we build remodeling projects.  Many do one or the other.  Our customers really appreciate that they can come back to us with a new project next year or several years later and they will get our undivided attention, just as they did the first time.

We don't cut corners.  We do it right the first time.  We utilize the latest building science to build durable, creative, energy efficient, healthy homes that will demononstrate their value upon completion and for many many years to come.

We care.  We really do. We treat each project and each home as it if were our own.  We only work with other professional trade partners who feel the same way. 

We listen.  We hear your concerns, your wishes and your dreams.  We strive to deliver what you have asked for and expect.  We always work from a basis of mutual respect and trust.

We use an open book approach.  We tell you what every portion of your project will cost, what our fee will be, and offer alternatives to help you decide how you want to allocate your budget.

We are honest and forthright.  We prepare a budget and schedule and stick to it.  We tell it like it is, and don't try to make it work if it won't.  But we are resourceful and solve problems as they occur, we deliver results.

We aren't for everyone, but for those that desire a predictable, full service, creative and flexible approach, and want their project designed and built the right way the first time, we are a very good fit.

Published by Doug Storey December 1, 2014