By Doug Storey on November 20, 2014

Solar PV System, Part Two - Eight Month Results

I am a building contractor specializing in residential design build projects including custom homes and fine remodeling projects.  All of our projects are designed with the latest in building science in mind, especially with energy efficiency as a top priority.  A year ago I decided to add a solar system to the barn where my office is located to provide power to my office as well as my home.

My solar system was operational mid February 2014.  I have monitored the results very closely. I now have over 8 months of date to share.  The system has performed as anticipated and actually brought me to net zero electricity use this summer!

I have three primary means of monitoring the performance of my solar system.  First and foremost, I have the Enlighten Manager from Enphase Energy.  This is the monitoring system that was installed with my solar system that is connected to my panels and meter and sends data to software on my computer that allows me to see in real time how the system is performing, how much energy it is producing at any given point in time, and even how each individual panel is operating.  For me the most relevent perspective is the daily, weekly and monthly comparisons. Below you can see today, past 7 days, month to date and lifetime results. 

The results clearly bear out my conviction that solar systems work well and allow us to minimize our dependence on the grid and in many case help homes achieve net zero status.  Now, more than ever, is the time to add solar panels to produce your own clean energy from the sun!  Contact me if you would like to hear more about my experience and if oyu are interested in installing a system at your home.
Published by Doug Storey November 20, 2014