Production Phases of a Project

  1. Identify potential Green Building programs for guidelines and rating system (if desired):
    • Energy Star Program
    • US Green Building Council's LEED Program
    • Green Globes - Green Building Initiative
    • Possible tax and rebate incentives
  2. Project Preparation Guidelines
    • Define project parameters for Green Building
    • Set up recycling centers - cardboard generates 25% or more of construction waste, metal, wood, masonry, concrete, plaster, asphalt, plastics, carpet, ceiling tiles and many more items can be recycled too
    • Determine which items can be reclaimed by a building resource center such as windows, old flooring and timbers, bricks, doors, sinks
    • Pay attention to solar orientation, optimize layout to existing land, use open layouts
    • Be aware of possibility of lead paint and asbestos in older houses (pre 1978)
  3. Materials Selections - look in Green Products Guide first for possible green products
  4. Recycle demolition materials - identify reuse companies to donate unwanted materials
  5. Subcontractor Oversight
    • All Subcontractors must participate in Green Building approach and attempt to utilize energy efficient materials and systems and recycle or reuse materials wherever possible
    • Encourage subcontractor involvement and idea sharing
    • Clean Up - Daily recycling and waste minimization